Last July, we organized, from in collaboration with Urbalab Gandia and the Centro de Formación Permanente of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), the first version of the photography training course within the Project, called: “Creation of multimedia content for the digital world O-City “

Given the health circumstances that we are living in, the experience has been completely online, so the satisfaction of the participants has given us good expectations to develop the virtual educational platform of O-City in the near future.

The course, which was composed of three different topics: PHOTOGRAPHY, SOUND – SCRIPT AND EDITING, had participants from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. A total of 40 students registered with the hope of being able to generate audiovisual content of their local heritage assets soon, with the aim of spreading their values ​​and bringing their community closer to the rest of the world.

First session of the O-City Photography Course

The workshop was aimed at all those interested in the world of heritage, multimedia content and the orange economy. In this way, we received requests from teachers, cultural managers in public organizations, tourist guides and individuals; so, we have been able to evaluate with them “what can O-City do for you?”

The course has been designed to have synchronous content through twelve sessions dictated by the course professor Nacho Yusim, in which theoretical or conceptual topics related to the three topics were analyzed and all doubts were answered, in turn or queries that might arise in this regard.

Although the most interesting has been the asynchronous content developed for the twelve lessons, which has been turned into the PoliformaT (UPV educational platform) and has allowed students to connect and analyze the material according to its availability. In this sense, for each of the lessons, a video and a document with the most theoretical contents were generated; another video and another document with the most practical clarifications and some proposals for activities to exercise the analyzed content and a last document in which a practical work was established that the student had to carry out to develop, during the twelve classes, the project audiovisual of its patrimonial element.

Use of PoliformaT during a class of the course.

One of the course teachers, Nacho Yusim, said:

“Contact with the students has been constant, through the forum and email; for which very good quality products have been obtained thanks to its excellent predisposition”

Similarly, Pepe Marin-Roig, Project Director, has commented that the most important thing about the O-City photography course has been to now see the O-City map with more than twenty new cities that will make up the O-City world.

O-City Platform

The content structure has been developed from the basic technical knowledge of photography, composition and lighting, to writing a script and recording a voiceover. In this sense, when selecting the music that was going to accompany the audiovisual project, the students generated the product using freely distributed software to guarantee its accessibility. They learned, in this way, to mount and edit an audiovisual based on a couple of images that had the help of the locution, the characteristics and values ​​of their city in general and of the heritage asset.

Finally, one of the most exciting moments of the course has been the possibility of watching, among all of us, the videos that have made us travel through more than twenty cities without leaving our seat. Being able to absorb the nostalgia, joys and all those feelings that each of the students dumped in their scripts, music and photos.

You can see some of the works within the platform, such as the multimedia content of the city of Guayaquil, in Ecuador, where we can learn about its emblematic flower:

Multimedia content about the Orchid in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Some comments from our students:

“I am very grateful for everything that these months have taught us. It has helped me to deepen my knowledge in this world of digital skills that is getting me more hooked every day “

Ana Etxebarria

 “Thank you very much for this course. I have learned a lot, in fact I no longer watch audiovisuals (movies, commercials and series) in the same way. Congratulations! Well done!”

Rafa Medina

“It has been useful to me; I have learned a lot. I hope to have the opportunity of taking new courses associated with the O-City project and in general with the topic of heritage management; excellent opportunity. Congratulations!”