“We are in a historical moment of constant change. In this knowledge-based society, there needs to be professionals dedicated to reflecting, analyzing and discussing how communication 2.0 has revolutionized the world”

Rebeca Diez Somavilla, 
Director of the Comunica2 Congress

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ Comunica2 is an international congress on communication and technology that took its first steps in 2010. Social evolution tends to go faster than educational evolution and in those days it began to be part of students’ lives, but it did not appear in the university itinerary. This project, initially called Comunica 2.0, was born in the Campus of Gandia (Universitat Politรจcnica de Gandia), as a congress on social networks to respond to these changes.

It is currently a dynamic space of knowledge with more than 50 professionals taking part in each edition. Comunica2 has evolved like the Internet, but it has maintained its objective and essence: to be a collaborative, transversal and innovative teaching project that involves more than 60 students in each edition, graduates and companies. The students themselves are the ones who program, execute and lead the communication and dissemination work of the event. Many graduates, technicians and collaborating companies attend to the congress, becoming a valuable experience for the students’ professional future.

Comunica2 is a learning model that transcends the traditional management of a congress: the students feel part of a team with which they learn and grow professionally, the close and professional environment with the speakers facilitates the transmission of knowledge and the environment of the Campus and the city of Gandia becomes an educational and tourist reference. The networks become a great showcase for the congress and its entire context, the Campus and the city of Gandia.




In fact, the congress has received an award for Tourism Promotion in the I Gala de Turisme del Ajuntament de Gandia; a recognition to Comunica2 for its commitment to innovation and quality in tourism.



๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ The O-City project has been presented at the Comunica2 Congress, because its essence and objectives play a fundamental role as a 2.0 tool for virtual communication of the cultural and natural heritage of cities. In a certain way, the O-City platform can be analyzed as a social network of heritage elements, where users propose goods that they want to disseminate, associate with the O-City cities and develop multimedia content to tell us about their characteristics and values.

Additionally, the O-City project offers training for teachers through free pedagogical content that can be downloaded and used in the classroom, so that students can develop new multimedia about heritage to be uploaded to our vitual map; this will guarantee the sustainability of the project.

Our Project Manager, Josรฉ Marin-Roig, has been invited to Comunica2 to explain more about this project. Watch the video to discover the O-City Project and all the possibilities that offers as a virtual platform for the dissemination of heritage (the video is in Spanish and you must select the subtitles in English).



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