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O-City Project aims to promote of the orange (creative) economy through the culture of our cities, using the talent of our young people, properly trained

Educational centers

Heads of study, Teachers and Students will incorporate the training to their offer.


O-CITY will project the heritage of these cities through creative and interactive multimedia applications.

Companies and professionals

Will develop new business opportunities and benefit.


They will be able to discover corners of the world visualizing and interacting with developed multimedia.


Policy makers, Business associations, Business spaces, Venture capitalists, Fund raisers…

Explore the O-City planet

One of the goal of the project is to create multimedia items (videos, videogames, photos, 360º videos etc.) which present the heritage of cities (we call it cultural realities). These multimedia items will be uploaded to O-City Platform to be used as learning plans focused on secondary or university teachers to develop technical or soft skills in their students.

latest news

O-City’s first steps on the Silk Road.

O-City’s first steps on the Silk Road.

It has been more than 7 centuries since Marco Polo, that intrepid Italian traveller, explored the Asian continent, leaving as a legacy the story of his trips. Those travels, beyond simple commercial exchange, were a vehicle for the dissemination of cultures, customs...

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