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Promotion of the orange (creative) economy through the culture of our cities, using the talent of our young people, properly trained

Main goals of the project

Digital transformation of traditional economic sectors

Although the orange economy is associated with culture, in its most innovative aspect linked to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), its field of application is wide, especially in many traditional economic sectors in the process of digital transformation.

Preparation of training plans in both professional and personal skills

The demand for ICT professionals’ experts in the creation of multimedia is growing and our educational systems require catalysts that help our teachers to stimulate training processes, through real projects whose resolution increases the motivation of our students. For this we propose some new methodologies suitable for being applied in the classroom.

Discovery and promotion of culture

Project-based learning (PBL) is more effective the more real the proposed projects are to students. The culture that floods our cities offers the ideal framework to develop these projects.

Explore the O-City planet

The Orange Planet consists of two platforms: a Web Platform (called O-City World) which is a showcase of the heritage of our cities throughout some creative items , and an e-learning platform that contains the formative plan related to the implementation of these creative items.


You can learn more about this project here. These videos will help you to understand it better

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Songs from Ukraine heritage O-CITY

Songs from Ukraine heritage O-CITY

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