According to the World Tourism Organization, “tourism development must be fundamental on the criteria of sustainability, it must be ecologically tolerable in the long term, economically viable and equitable from an ethical and social perspective for local communities.”

The new hybrid tourism jobs in the digital era: process automation, big data and robotization mean that professionals must play new roles:

  • Automation will lead us to rethink what the value-added jobs in Tourism companies will be and will need experts who know how to interpret big data in a strategic key.
  • Smart destinations will need profiles that interpret data and coordinate multiple actors.

The O-City Projet works in these new job profiles but we need to know that the world of travel and sustainable tourism is changing and produces the need to protect the environment (our common home), wildlife, its enormous diversity, its ecosystems and, in addition, protect cultural diversity while improving the well-being and economy of local communities.

The sustainable tourism approach is based on the idea that tourism is one of the best positioned economic sectors to promote and achieve real life in the real concept and its values associated with social welfare, economic development and peacebuilding.

 In O-City we work for sustainable tourism providing permanent and updated training. 

Soft Skills allow us to delve into the Knowing Being and Knowing to be, models of personal actions that create awareness of Sustainability and Socially Responsible Tourism.

We work also to create new job opportunities with different experiences which aimed to:

  • Technological detoxification 
  • Active holidays: body and mind Ecological tourism and conscious travel
  • The wellbeing of the body-mind, healthy life 
  • Knowing new techniques, skills 
  • Learning new languages and cultures 
  • Cooking, photography, creativity 
  • Growing as a person 
  • Meeting with mine 
  • Food conscious 
  • Ethical lifestyle sustainable fashion
  • Propose spiritual spaces and experimentation in the local culture.