The European project “O’City – Promoting the orange (creative) economy through the culture of our cities, using the talents of young people” comes to an end. The final event took place on 13 December in Kranji (Slovenia) and all partners from different countries gathered to analyse the impact of the project (Spain, Colombia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece).

In detail, the project succeeds in its aim of promoting the orange economy and creativity as a tool and driver to achieve sustainable development goals. Indeed, as a result of the project, the partnership realised two important tools, such as:

Throughout the project period, the Italian partners Link Campus University and Materahub actively contributed to the creation, implementation, and dissemination of the project outcomes at International and National level.

First of all, they worked together to create very interesting technical courses, freely available on the O-City Learn platform:

  • Comics course
  • Infographic course
  • Podcast course

Then, they implemented these courses in the classroom, in order to test them and generate new creative items on the O-City World platform, as a way to value heritage and students’ competences.

The National events organized to promote these activities involved students from different locations (from Italy and abroad) and age, as well as other teachers and local organizations committed to sustain and enhance natural and cultural heritage.

In addition to the courses’ implementation, Materahub and Link Campus University promoted the project and created involvement and curiosity with policy makers, students, innovators, social and cultural operators, by organising a series of events and conferences focused on the impact of O-City project in the orange economy sector.  A long list of contents of interest and articles explained the main theme of the projects. For example, on the O-City official website you can read about:

  • Matera: from shame of Italy to pride of Europ;
  • Voice of the Italian Project Manager Antonia Silvaggi: what potential do creativity and culture have?
  • Playful cities
  • How comics can tell the story of a city
  • Quick news about the implementation of the infographic course available on the O-City learn platform

Other news and information are available on the official site of Link Campus University ( and Materahub (

All these efforts contributed in sharing O-City vision and in widening the community of supporters and beneficiaries of the project, such as entrepreneurs, companies, universities, Municipalities, creative hubs, etc.

This rich network is going to even grow in the future, as the O-City World platform and the e-learning platform will remain available to all people willing to visit it and openly enjoy information, materials, documents and courses.