Article by UTH-GM Studio

We that the O-city has come to an and, leaving us with great experiences and results! Universities, Business Schools, Business Incubators from Italy, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Colombia, developed the Orange Platform which is now full of heritage elements from all over the world as well as innovative courses and learning activities based on multimedia, soft skills and business skills.

From Greece, the main partners of the innovative European project were the University of Thessaly and GM-STUDIO.

The project promotes creative economy models, the so-called Orange Economy, for cities and regions that provide strategic investments in culture and creativity. Especially in times of crisis, such as the pandemic, through the project the partners developed new strategies and new economic, cultural and social paradigms.

Cultural and creative industries represent the best investment for the future as they act directly on local communities and help to rethink the economy in a more sustainable way. They are able to accelerate the processes of digitisation and re-entry into national and international markets for products and services, creating new jobs and new employment opportunities for younger generations.

Throughout the project implementation in Greece, many schools and university students had the chance to learn and develop their own multimedia based on the heritage of their city. All those interesting multimedia contents from all over the world can be found on our orange platform.

The platform aims to transfer and train students with digital, artistic and professional skills, and we hope that its impact will continue to grow and filled with cultural heritage from all the cities of the world.