Dear all,

As the O-City project, together with the 2021 year is very close to an end, we would like to present to you the results of the work done for the project by Business Incubator Novi Sad and Novi Sad 2022.

During the O-City project implementation, together with Novi Sad 2022, we have promoted the O-City project’s progress and activities on our official websites and social networks, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.

According to the tutoring plan, we have communicated with professors from educational institutions in order to represent the O-City project and its possibilities and motivate them to join the O-City learning platform and the O-City World. From April till December, together we have organized nine events in order to promote the project and to attract municipalities, touristic organizations in Serbia, teachers and professionals in the field of education. In line with the epidemiological situation, some of the events had to be organized online. In total, the events were attended by more than 100 people.

In the period from April to December, online meetings with officials from the City of Kragujevac, municipality of Bela Palanka, municipality of Raška, the Gallery of Matica Srpska, one of the oldest institutions in Novi Sad were organized. In October, the presentation of the O-City project during the public debate that was one of the activities in the project ‘European Towns Fostering Intercultural Dialogue and Combatting Discrimination of Migrants and Minorities’ co-financed from Europe for Citizens fund was also held.

Despite the impact of the pandemic on the education system and project implementation in Serbia, in November we continued to further promote the O-City educational platform and the Orange World in order to bring the project closer to young people, entrepreneurs, and all those who are interested in the creative economy.

As the creative industry is in the focus of Business Incubator Novi Sad, in the O-City platform, we see a huge potential and a place that will provide the necessary knowledge to individuals in the creative industry.

Together with the rest of the partners in the consortium, we strongly believe in the future of O-City Planet and hope that with the beginning of the new 2022, it will become a platform on which all cities together with world cultural heritage will be presented!