We present a list of podcasts, audio pieces in radio format, included in our cultural and natural heritage platform O-CITY.

These O-City podcasts have been produced by professors and students from international universities.

These works have been produced by teachers and students from universities in several countries (mainly from the subject “radio production process”), and by teachers and students from the Erasmus+ O-CITY Project training programme at the Gandia Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

The following is the list of podcasts currently available in the O-CITY interactive digital atlas:

O-CITY is a technological platform for education, collaboration and international tourism promotion, the digital tool developed and led by the UPV Campus in Gandia in the context of a European project, which evolves day by day by and for people:

O-CITY cultural and natural heritage platform enables the digitisation of tourist information about any place, offering multimedia information and virtual tours. A platform open to citizen participation in which anyone can generate content about any place in the world.

O-CITY is currently working with the Government of Ukraine to place a representation of the country’s cultural and natural heritage on the digital atlas.