Thinking about enjoying the summer holidays in the western hemisphere, a search for the word “beach” on our O-CITY cultural and natural heritage platform will bring up some fabulous results.

When you search for the word “beach” on our interactive digital map of O-City, these summer destinations will be geolocated.

We find lake, river and sea beaches, from 38 heritage resources in Europe and America. Catalogue of a natural heritage, which is growing every day in the O-CITY atlas.

The following is the list of beaches currently included in the O-CITY interactive digital atlas:

  • Playa de Oliva (Valencia):
  • Torre de Guaita (Tavernes de la Valldigna):
  • La platja de l’Ahuir (Gandia, Valencia)
  • Mount Pelion (Volos, Grecia)
  • Playa Norte de Gandía (Gandia, Valencia)
  • Campus de Gandia (Universitat Politècnica de València)
  • Fiestas patronales de Cullera (Cullera, Valencia)
  • Playa de Xeraco (Xeraco, Valencia)
  • Playa de Daimús (Daimús, Valencia)
  • Playa de Piles (Piles, Valencia)
  • Torre Vigía (Piles, Valencia)
  • Castillo de Santa Bárbara (Alicante)
  • Martin’s Island (St. Martin’s Island, Canada)
  • The Old Town of Den Haag (Den Haag, The Netherlands)
  • Playa de Poniente (Benidorm, Alicante)
  • Playa Levante (Benidorm, Alicante)
  • Cala Tio Ximo (Benidorm, Alicante)
  • Playa Mal Pas (Benidorm, Alicante)
  • Historia del Turismo en Benidorm (Benidorm, Alicante)
  • Dunas de L´Auir (Gandía, Valencia)
  • Playa del Nord (Peñíscola, Castellón)
  • Playa Sud (Peñíscola, Castellón)
  • Parque Natural de la Sierra de Irtra (Peñíscola, Castellón)
  • Playa Racó de l’Albir (l’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante)
  • Ruta al faro (l’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante)
  • Museo al Aire Libre Villa Romana de l’Albir (l’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante)
  • Cueva de la Galera (Favara, Valencia)
  • Playa fluvial de Bugarra (Bugarra, Valencia)
  • El Patio de los Silos (Burjassot, Valencia)
  • Port Saplaya (Alboraya, Valencia)
  • Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Puebla de Farnáls, Valencia)
  • Parque Nacional de Doñana (Sevilla)
  • Zhytomyr canyon (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)
  • Castillo de Santa Bárbara (Alicante)
  • Monastery Island (Dnipro, Ukraine)
  • Rose Valley Park (Cherkasy, Ukraine)
  • Playa del Arenal de Burriana (Castellón)
  • Playeta (Riba-roja de Túria, Valencia)


O-CITY is a technological platform for education, collaboration and international tourism promotion, the digital tool developed and led by the UPV Campus in Gandia in the context of a European project, which evolves day by day by and for people:

O-CITY cultural and natural heritage platform enables the digitisation of tourist information about any place, offering multimedia information and virtual tours. A platform open to citizen participation in which anyone can generate content about any place in the world.

O-CITY is currently working with the Government of Ukraine to place a representation of the country’s cultural and natural heritage on the digital atlas.