With the presence of the director of O-CITY, La Tienda de Inteligencia Turística Phygital (The Phygital Tourism Intelligence Shop) will hold on 5, 10 and 12 July the virtual event “Solve the actions of your PSTD: Axis 3 – Digital Transition and Axis 4 – Competitiveness”.

Divided into 3 sessions, the webinar “Solve your PSTD actions”, will count with the participation of José Marín-Roig, director of O-CITY, in session III, Axis 3 – Digital Transition II on Wednesday 12 July.

On 5, 10 and 12 July, the Phygital Tourism Intelligence Shop will hold the virtual event “Solve the actions of your PSTD: Axis 3 – Digital transition and Axis 4 – Competitiveness”, divided into 3 sessions:

Sesión I: Eje 4- Competitividad
Fecha: 5 de julio de 2023
Hora: 10h a 13h

Session I: Axis 4 – Competitiveness
Date: 5 July 2023
Time: 10h to 13h

  • Luz Marina Gil – Technician of the Universal Accessibility, Tourism and Culture Area of PREDIF
  • Natalia Andreu – Director of Operations of the Phygital Tourism Intelligence Shop
  • Iván Toda – CICLOPS DTI technician DTI management software
“Dive into Axis 4: Competitiveness and get practical strategies to carry out the actions. Learn from experts in the sector and learn about success stories in other destinations”.

Session II: Axis 3 – Digital switchover I
Date: 10 July 2023
Time: 10h to 12h

  • Natalia Andreu – Director of Operations of the Phygital Tourism Intelligence Shop
  • Francisco Vaquer – CTO and Co-Founder of Deepsense
“Explore Axis 3: Digital Transition, and learn how to leverage technology and data analytics to propel your tourism destination to success. Get to know the key tools and strategies of digital transformation in the tourism industry”.

Session III: Axis 3 – Digital Transition II
Date: 12 July 2023
Time: 10h to 13h

  • José Marín-Roig – Project Manager O-City.org 
  • Jesús de Bejar – COO Iurban
  • Isidoro Pérez – CEO Seekiting
“Discover how to make the most of technology and digital transformation in your tourism destination. Learn from experts in big data tools, digitalisation and digital strategies how to execute the actions of your PSTD”.

According to the organisation, this will be an “exclusive webinar that will transform the way you approach Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan actions”.
The online event will bring together leading experts in the field of tourism digital transition, accessibility and destination management, “to provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies that will help you boost the competitiveness of your destination”, according to Phygital Tourism Intelligence Shop.
The main objective of this webinar, is to provide tools and resources needed to properly execute a Tourism Sustainability Plan in Destination or PSTD.
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O-CITY is a technological platform for education, collaboration and international tourism promotion, the digital tool developed and led by the UPV Campus in Gandia in the context of a European project, which evolves day by day by and for people:

O-CITY cultural and natural heritage platform enables the digitisation of tourist information about any place, offering multimedia information and virtual tours. A platform open to citizen participation in which anyone can generate content about any place in the world.

O-CITY is currently working with the Government of Ukraine to place a representation of the country’s cultural and natural heritage on the digital atlas.