Cities will find a platform where they can introduce all their heritage realities, geolocated through multimedia, creative and interactive content, in open data format. Therefore, O-City will project the heritage of these cities, which will appear on the map and will be visible to anyone who enters and is interested in visiting them. This benefit will have a direct impact on Cultural and Natural Tourism, which will provide returns associated with the orange economy.

Cultural and Natural heritage in open data format.

In this sense, a series of advantages are obtained, such as:

  • Improvement of local heritage management.
  • Dissemination of unknown assets.
  • Economic promotion based on tourism, culture and heritage.
  • Creation of a multimedia repository for the implementation of a tourist intelligence system in the city, providing quality to the destination layer of cultural and natural heritage within the Smart City.
  • Technical training in multimedia creations for the labor integration of certain vulnerable groups within the city.
  • Dynamization of tourism offices in O-City cities through the use of multimedia applications.

Quality to the destination layer of cultural and natural heritage within the Smart City.

Discover what O-City can do for you

Orange is creativity, culture, talent and innovation. O-City Project mix that with a bit of technology to create a virtual world that shows the cultural and natural heritage from the cities at its best.

Educational centers

Heads of study, Teachers and Students will incorporate the training to their offer.


O-CITY will project the heritage of these cities through creative and interactive multimedia applications.

Companies and professionals

Will develop new business opportunities and benefit.


They will be able to discover corners of the world visualizing and interacting with developed multimedia.


Policy makers, Business associations, Business spaces, Venture capitalists, Fund raisers…