Companies and Professionals

O-City will stimulate a cooperation network associated with the project, in which professionals and companies will interact and put in contact to boost the realities within the framework of the Cultural and Creative Industries. We can find different sectors that are looking for new business opportunities and that will benefit from the exchange of knowledge with other institutions in the field of the orange economy and the implementation of this project, among which are:

Pollinate the sector with professionals trained in the multimedia and entrepreneurial sector

Technological: Through the educational platform it will be possible to pollinate the sector with professionals trained in the multimedia and entrepreneurial sector. O-City will facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge throughout lifelong learning. The professionals trained by O-City can be integrated into existing or new companies within the sector to offer services based on their knowledge. In turn, trained entrepreneurs can create a business idea from the knowledge gained in the project.

Cultural: Professionals such as artists, musicians, writers, actors, gallery owners, critics or investors may have, through access to the platform, a cultural mapping that will serve to disseminate and develop the Cultural and Creative Industries.

Tourism: They will have multimedia resources previously developed and incorporated into the O-City platform that will serve to disseminate cultural and natural tourist packages. In turn, they can create tourist experiences prior to the trip and design new options based on the contents shown by the platform.

Entertainment: They may use the platform to display their multimedia material as audiovisual content of each of the realities of the O-City cities; and then disseminate resources in different media. It can be especially relevant for entertainment on board (trains, buses, boats, airplanes).

Create tourist experiences prior to the trip

Discover what O-City can do for you

Orange is creativity, culture, talent and innovation. O-City Project mix that with a bit of technology to create a virtual world that shows the cultural and natural heritage from the cities at its best.

Educational centers

Heads of study, Teachers and Students will incorporate the training to their offer.


O-CITY will project the heritage of these cities through creative and interactive multimedia applications.

Companies and professionals

Will develop new business opportunities and benefit.


They will be able to discover corners of the world visualizing and interacting with developed multimedia.


Policy makers, Business associations, Business spaces, Venture capitalists, Fund raisers…