Educational Centers

To teachers, O-City offers an educational platform designed and directed exclusively for them, that is, designed to train the teaching sector; with an extensive library of knowledge in the four areas that form the ground of the orange economy:

  1. Cultural (heritage and intellectual property)
  2. Technicians (creative technologies)
  3. Soft Skills (critical thinking, creativity, etc.)
  4. Business (business development, pitching, etc.)

Educational resources, different paths of learning & didactic elements to increase the motivation

Within the platform the teachers:

  • will find open educational resources of different nature (video tutorials, infographics and creative applications for free use), to facilitate their learning and guide classroom teaching about heritage assets, the creation of multimedia elements about them and the necessary professional and personal skills to make its way into the orange economy.
  • will be able to select among different paths of learning and customize his project of classroom selecting the workshops that more adapt to them and to his educational circumstances.
  • will discover a lot of didactic elements, integrated in the multimedia projects of classroom, to increase the motivation and the enabling of his students in the four areas of knowledge that form the base of the orange economy.

Open Educational Resources (OER) developed by O-City can be incorporated into:

  • Secondary Education
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • High School
  • High Education (HE)
  • Academies, or private or public Training Initiatives.

To carry out multimedia projects on the cultural realities of their citie

Teachers and heads of study of academic centers may use the training modules to carry out multimedia projects on the cultural realities of their cities and integrate them into the existing curricula; exchanging knowledge and experiences with teachers from other countries.

O-City provides students with the necessary training to have the possibility of carrying out multimedia projects of various kinds (photography, video, comics and illustrations). Knowledge will be transmitted through which they will be able to create in the future a professional life in the orange economy sector within their territory.

Motivational tools will be provided

In both cases, motivational tools will be provided, both for teachers and students, when developing projects with a real purpose: to upload the multimedia product made in the classroom to the platform.

Discover what O-City can do for you

Orange is creativity, culture, talent and innovation. O-City Project mix that with a bit of technology to create a virtual world that shows the cultural and natural heritage from the cities at its best.

Educational centers

Heads of study, Teachers and Students will incorporate the training to their offer.


O-CITY will project the heritage of these cities through creative and interactive multimedia applications.

Companies and professionals

Will develop new business opportunities and benefit.


They will be able to discover corners of the world visualizing and interacting with developed multimedia.


Policy makers, Business associations, Business spaces, Venture capitalists, Fund raisers…