Interested groups may have a platform on which they will develop the different actions related to their own objectives. The returns associated with the orange economy are diverse: economic, cultural, social, educational and political; Obviously, tourism produces a growing economic effect through knowledge of its own culture and nature. The relevant actors involved with the orange economy will be selected as intermediaries, among them we can find:

Activities for educational purposes

  • Cultural Associations may organize activities for educational purposes that value the material and intangible realities of cities. In turn, they will protect and defend the assets that make up the local heritage.
  • In the case of Natural Associations, they will have a database with multimedia content and resources that allows them to know and disseminate the values ​​of natural heritage.
  • Business Associations are related to Tourism, Culture or Creative Industries. In any case, the generation of trained professionals through the use of the O-City Project platforms will improve the associated creative processes.
  • For O-City educational networks, it will provide a platform for exchanging educational experiences and through the platform a showcase for the dissemination of the project.
  • Policy makers (institutional, educational and economic) should promote the tools provided by the O-City platforms and contribute to their development and integration.
  • Finally, Business Incubators will be able to take advantage of all the benefits described above for the rest of the associations and groups.

A platform for exchanging educational experiences

Discover what O-City can do for you

Orange is creativity, culture, talent and innovation. O-City Project mix that with a bit of technology to create a virtual world that shows the cultural and natural heritage from the cities at its best.

Educational centers

Heads of study, Teachers and Students will incorporate the training to their offer.


O-CITY will project the heritage of these cities through creative and interactive multimedia applications.

Companies and professionals

Will develop new business opportunities and benefit.


They will be able to discover corners of the world visualizing and interacting with developed multimedia.


Policy makers, Business associations, Business spaces, Venture capitalists, Fund raisers…